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5 Tips for Your June Garden

As the days get warmer and social restrictions continue, like us, you may have been focusing on enjoying your immediate outside space. We feel there is a certain magic to sitting in your back garden and listening to an early summer bee and the chatter of the birds. It provides a sanctuary in these strange and unsettling times for the whole household. To ensure it looks its very best, consider our top tips for your June Garden:

  1. We all know that it is good to water plants regularly. However, it is useful to remember that the best way to ensure they get what they need is to water the plants near the stem. This will both save water and ensure that you keep your weeds to a minimum.

        2.  Make hoeing a priority. We think little and often is best. Ensure that you regularly dig weeds out before they take over. If you notice dandelions remember they are perennials, so you need to get rid of them before their seeds spread. Nothing is better than nipping a problem in the bud.

        3.  Start a fun project that all the family can enjoy.  Each take an old pair of wellies and place in descending order. Before you start, drill holes in the bottom for drainage.  Each pair of wellies could be planted with different herbs or a colourful plant of the owner’s choice. As they grow, they are a lovely reminder of splashy muddy days in the spring and a prompt to plan your next adventure.

        4. June is the perfect time to plant out your sweetcorn, courgettes, climbing and runner beans. However, it’s important to remember it can still get chilly. It therefore helps to protect the young plants with plastic bottles or fleece until they are more established. 

     5. Inevitably our British weather will bring dull and damp days. Give your hanging baskets, flowering and fruit plants, like tomatoes and strawberries, a liquid fertiliser for an instant boost. Do this once a week and your garden will thank you for it. Remember your indoor plants will benefit from this tender loving care as well. 


As a final thought and above all, remember to sit and relish your garden.  There is nothing more rewarding than enjoying your well-earned cuppa whilst you admire what you have achieved. There really is no place like home!