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6 Gardening Ideas to Try this Summer with Children

Looking for new gardening ideas? We all know that getting children out into the garden for some sunshine and a bit of fresh air is good for them – especially in recent times. Gardens teach important life lessons – responsibility, hard work, patience, and nurturing. Engaging with the natural world has a significant role to play in childhood well-being and provides crucial contact with the natural world. Take a look below to see some great ideas to get your little ones – and you – outside in the summer months:

  1. Allow children their own area of the garden

Let children choose what to grow and make them responsible their own area, with your supervision. Try a ‘washing up bowl allotment’ which is exactly what it sounds like – an old washing up bowl filled with soil, and a few holes drilled or punctured for drainage. Allow them to choose their own seeds and enjoy the rewards as the first shoots start to pop up.

2. Get older ones gardening with larger projects

For pre-teens and teenagers, look at a bigger projects that you could do together as a family. Things like building a raised bed using larger tools can build confidence and be great exercise too! 

3.Incorporate craft activities into gardening

Of course, they’ll be rainy days, but even indoors there are lots of craft activities kids can enjoy and use when the sun comes out. Milk bottle watering cans are a simple and useful make by decorating the outside, by popping some holes in the lid. Creating plant labels is another task you could try. Onto stones, draw or paint pictures of what the seeds will grow into, to get children thinking about the growth process.

4. Try indoor gardening with mini grow-your-own

Why not grow something that can end up on your plate such as small leafy edibles? Herbs and small varieties of lettuce or growing standard lettuce can be a little mini allotment on your windowsill. Growing your own is a wonderful way for kids to learn about sustainability and continue the growing experience.5\

5. Encourage wildlife in your garden

We love our wildlife here at STF. Even a small patch can be turned into a world of wonder for wildlife. Sow wildlife-friendly flowers and plants, or go why not create a bug hotel by filling a pot with garden waste or piling up logs?

6. Have family gardening challenges

Who can grow tallest sunflower? Who can grow a chilli plant with the most chillies? Going out and measuring progress every day is fun and kids can keep a little chart.

We hope you enjoy our tips and would love to hear your ideas! Don’t hesitate to contact us to let us know what you’ll be getting up to this summer in your outdoor space.