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7 Outdoor Activities for Children

It’s a stroke of luck that during these strange times that we’ve had some lovely sunny days to lift our spirits. And, what could be better for people with children than to get into your outdoor space and get creative? As a family business ourselves, we’ve been working hard to keep our little ones entertained! After weeks now of trying different ideas, here are our top 7 outdoor activities:

1 Chalk Rainbow.

Why not take things old-school and dig out the chalk? Decorating an outdoor wall with flowers, smiley faces and whatever else you can think of can keep children entertained for hours, as can painting over it with a large paintbrush and water to clean it up afterwards! Why not add to the trend of rainbows in the window by asking them to create a super-sized one on the drive or pathway to make passers by smile.

2 Herbs.

Herb seeds can be bought easily from any supermarket and are simple to plant. They are also a great starting point for learning, as many herbs are used for different things, such as lavender for headaches, chives, oregano and basil for cooking, and mint for tummy upsets. They smell great too!

3 Water Balloons.

On warmer days divide your family up into teams, get the towels out, and get dodging!

4 Bird Feeders.

Bird feeders are a great way to teach children about wildlife and making positive changes towards welcoming nature back into our gardens. You can also go one step further and create one using old milk bottles or cartons, covering with old paper strips and painting in bright colours.

5 Nature Potion.

Create your own nature-themed fragrant potion by collecting flowers and herbs from your garden.

6 Obstacle Course

Use objects you already own like boxes, hula-hoops and skipping ropes to create a backyard course. Your kids will be entertained and put their skills to the test. Encourage your children to change the course with their own ideas.

7 Sponge Targets

A good one for toddlers, this simple silly game can involve all the family. Simply cut up a sponge into large pieces and pop into a bucket of coloured water (natural food colouring works best). Using chalk, draw a large target on the wall and aim!

We’d be delighted to hear what you’ve been doing to entertain your little ones – drop us a line with your ideas.

Stay safe and hope to see you soon.