Frequently Asked Questions

Do you deliver throughout the UK?
Yes all our prices include delivery to mainland UK except for the Highlands of Scotland which may incur an additional charge. As well as our own vehicles we also use other carriers. For some products delivery will be direct from the manufacturer/supplier. On receipt of your order we will advise the delivery method.

Please note: For non-parcel products delivery is to kerbside only.

Will I know when delivery will be?
On receipt of your order we will email you with a delivery date and the method being used.
Can you leave my order without me being at home?
You can give us instructions at the time of order however we cannot accept any liability for lost/missing items that have no been signed for or signed by another party on your behalf.
Is your wood responsibly sourced?
Yes the timber we use is sourced from one of the leading sawmills in the UK & Ireland who are FSC registered, processing over 350,000 m3 per year.
How do i maintain my timber products?
All our timber is pressure treated which protects the wood against rot and insect attack when placed or installed under the correct guidelines, and therefore does not require further treatment.

Once you receive your product the timber will be a brown / natural wood colour, but may turn a silver / grey colour overtime due to weathering. If you would like to prolongue the shade of your timber or would like a different colour all together, various wood care or fence paints can be used on your product which can be bought from most D.I.Y stores.

Are the flat packed products easy to build?
Yes we supply simple instructions with all our flat packed products, and try to make them as simple, and as easy to put up as possible, ensuring our customers only have a minimal amount of assembling to do. These products also come with the required fixtures and fittings.

Instructions & dimensions can be found on each product page where relevant.

All you will need is a drill, possibly some additional DIY tools and maybe a spare pair of hands to help with holding things in place!

How are the Fence panels constructed?
The panels are constructed using 35 x 47mm back rails with galvanised rust free nails.

This ensures the panels are very strong and the size of the back rails minimises the amount of rattle in concrete posts.

How do you install the fencing?
We take pride and time when installing our fencing to ensure you have a quality installation that will last the test of time.

We pay our quality installers a good rate of pay which means they do not have to rush the installation to make up each days wage.

Our aim is for your fencing to be straight from all angles.

Posts are concreted 2ft into the ground to ensure no movement.

Will the installation be expensive?
We are confident you will not find a better price for the quality and care we give.

Unlike many companies, we pride our installations on a fixed rate per panel basis. This gives you, our customer, the benefit of knowing exactly how much the installation will cost.

What about Insurance and Guarantees?
We are fully insured and guarantee all our workmanship.
Do you supply a written quotation?
Yes, after every no-obligation visit we will supply you with a full written quotation which will include taking away any rubbish and leaving your premises clean and tidy.
How does the timber preservation process work?

1. The timber is transferred into the treatment vessel.

2. A vacuum pulls the air out of the vessel to remove all the air from the internal cells.

3. Timber preservative fills the vessel from the bunded storage tanks.

4. A pressure of 12.4 bar is applied forcing the preservative into the timber.

5. The preservative is removed and final vacuum is applied removing excess preservative.

6. The timber has now been preserved with timber preservative.

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