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Some Questions we are Often Asked

Take a look below at some of the questions we are more often asked:

Is your wood responsibly sourced?

Yes the wood we use is sourced from a saw mill which is FSC registered.

Will I have to paint your panels to preserve them?

As the timber is vacuum treated at the saw mill you do not have to paint the panels unless you wish to. Vacuum treatment penetrates the wood so is superior to ‘dipping’ which some manufacturers use. This enables the wood to be guaranteed for 15 years against rot and insect infestation.

How are the panels constructed?

The panels are constructed using 35 x 47mm back rails with galvanised rust free nails.

This ensures the panels are very strong and the size of the back rails minimises the amount of rattle in concrete posts.

How do you install the fencing?

We take pride and time when installing our fencing to ensure you have a quality installation that will last the test of time.

We pay our quality installers a good rate of pay which means they do not have to rush the installation to make up each days wage.

Our aim is for your fencing to be straight from all angles.

Posts are concreted 2ft into the ground to ensure no movement.

Will the installation be expensive?

We are confident you will not find a better price for the quality and care we give.

Unlike many companies, we pride our installations on a fixed rate per panel basis. This gives you, our customer, the benefit of knowing exactly how much the installation will cost.

What about Insurance and Guarantees?

We are fully insured and guarantee all our workmanship.

Do you supply a written quotation?

Yes, after every no-obligation visit we will supply you with a full written quotation which will include taking away any rubbish and leaving your premises clean and tidy.