Decorative Fence Panels

These decorative style panels are mass produced in Europe and are not manufactured by ourselves.

As these are European panels, the width is metric at 1800 mm and NOT the UK standard 6 ft which is 1829 mm. Therefore if you are replacing existing UK panels or fitting into concrete posts and plinths, these panels will be too short by 29 mm and you will need to add slats to both ends of each panel to increase the width to 1829 mm.

This is NOT peculiar to us. It applies to all decorative style panels from any supplier that are 1800 mm wide.

All items subject to availability.

Bespoke sizes: 

As these panels are mass produced in Europe, we regret we are unable to supply any bespoke sizes for any of these decorative panels.

Our UK Manufactured panels are available in bespoke sizes.

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Showing all 7 results