Riverco Product Care

The timber used is Scandinavian Redwood. Riverco take conservation and the protection of the environment very seriously; therefore all of our products are manufactured with wood supplied from managed sustainable FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified forests.

Riverco want you to get the most from your new garden furniture, looking after the furniture correctly is very important. Your furniture has received one coat of a wood protection. This protection has an excellent penetrating and dispersing action that gives an even coverage and is non-hazardous to humans, animals and is harmless to plants, it won’t blister or peel as some poly-urethane products do.

This treatment is adequate for the first 6 months of your furniture’s life. After this time we recommend you treat the furniture yourself with a good quality wood treatment making sure that the furniture is completely clean and dry before any treatment is applied.

If you choose not to treat your furniture then it may start to turn black then silvery grey during its first year due to pollution, algae and mildew. Outdoor furniture needs regular cleaning as you would with any items which are outside continuously such as cars, window frames and patios. Even garden furniture needs a little help.

Varnish and creosote are not recommended. Clear treatments are also not recommended as they lack pigment (colorant) which protects the furniture from UV rays which will result in the deterioration of colour.

Covering your furniture may cause mildew, damp, sweating or wet rot especially if covered for a long period of time i.e. throughout the winter. If you do cover any timber, air circulation is vital and no part of the cover should be touching the furniture. This applies to all types of wood such as Teak, Oak, Mahogany and any pressure treated timbers.

Wood is a natural product and may expand and retract according to weather conditions therefore we cannot be held responsible for cracking, splitting, warping and shrinkage as this is a natural occurrence in all types of timber. Because of these occurrences it may be necessary to periodically check the tightness of the nuts, bolts and screws and tighten if necessary (do not over tighten). Resin is occasionally present in the timber and is of no detriment to the furniture. Should this appear then wipe with white spirit.

Splits are perfectly normal on all types of wood, especially in hot weather, usually on tops of chairs, ends of tables and ends of arms. They will close when it rains or the weather is cooler. Cracking will not affect the stability of the furniture. Treatment can help to reduce splitting as Teak Oil replaces some of the natural oils lost from evaporation.