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Support Wildlife with a Hedgehog Highway!

Did you know that creating a hole to ensure that hedgehogs can pass freely through your garden fence is one of the most important things you can do to help them?

As a responsible business, we care about how our services may affect wildlife. And, it’s a sad truth that over a third of hedgehogs in the UK have been lost since the millennium. Industrialisation and increased urbanisation of our landscapes are just a few things that have contributed. We now know that one of the main reasons why Hedgehogs are declining in Britain is because our fences and walls are becoming more secure, reducing the amount of land available for them to move freely.

While we’re sleeping, it’s an interesting fact that Hedgehogs travel around one mile every night through our gardens and open spaces, looking for food and a mate. If you have an enclosed garden, you might be getting in the way of their plans. Hedgehogs aren’t the only ones – many of our garden creatures need to move about freely between gardens.

We can make their life a little easier by removing the barriers that are within our control – for example, making holes in or under our garden fences for them to pass through. We’re always happy to assist when putting your fence in situ. A 13cm by 13cm hole is sufficient for any Hedgehog to pass through and will be too small for nearly all pets – ensuring they stay secure.

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