Thorndown Wood Paint

Thorndown Wood Paint

At S T Fencing we believe that quality is key, and this is why we have chosen to partner up with Thorndown to bring you a leading paint that works brilliantly with most (if not all) the products we have on our website. We have tried it ourselves and can honestly say it is much better than other brands which are available on the high street!

Thorndown is a specialist paint manufacturer that creates technically excellent, water-based wood paints.

Rigorous testing has created an exceptional and versatile wood paint that is easy and fun to use. Thorndown wood paints are environmentally considered and safe to use around all garden and country creatures, including children!

This paint leaves a hard-wearing, water-repellent coating that out-performs anything currently on the market.

Minimal prep is required with only 1 to 2 coats providing a water-repellent protective coating that looks great and lasts.

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